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An Introduction to the Greater Albany Public School District

The Greater Albany Public School District Superintendent Maria Delapoer shares a bus ride with kindergarten the 14th largest in Oregon, with over 9,100 students in kindergarten through high school. Serving these students are 491 certified staff, 519 classified staff and 41 administrators. The district covers approximately 154 square miles in Linn and Benton counties.

Greater Albany School District offers strong programs of character education, self-discipline and peer mentoring for children at all grade levels. Our students outscore the national average and show consistent improvement on both the verbal and math portions on the SAT.

Top notch graduates have earned $1.5 million in scholarships and other academic awards. Our graduates attend the best universities in the region and the world, including Stanford University, Georgia Tech, the U.S. Naval Academy, Washington University, Cornell University, the Rhode Island School of Design and major public and private universities in Oregon.

The district has 20 schools: 13 elementary schools, one grades 3-8 school, three middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative school. Our talented and experienced teachers average better than 85 percent with five or more years experience, and better than 55 percent of middle school and high school teachers with master's degrees. In surveys, more that 85 percent of students and parents report that our teachers work hard to help kids learn. Read more ...

arrow Core Purpose and Core Values


Educate and Inspire all students to reach their full potential, equipped to be positive, contributing members of society.


We value:

  • Students—Commit ourselves to the success of every student.
  • Character—Develop and model good character.
  • Collaboration—Work and learn together — community, parents, staff and students.
  • Responsibility—Engage in responsible actions and decision-making.

arrow Financial Outlook




arrow Strategic Goals


arrowWe provide every student with challenging and motivating learning experiences that lead to continuous growth.

  • Every student demonstrates a strong foundation of academic skills by exceeding state and district standards every level and makes annual progress.
  • Students have access to comprehensive opportunities to explore areas of interest and ability.
  • When a student leaves our district he or she has a plan for the next step.
  • Students demonstrate necessary life skills for future employment and community engagement.
  • Every student has opportunities to develop their creativity.
  • Students demonstrate critical 21st Century skills (technology, ability to work in a diverse world).
  • We awaken every student’s love of life-long learning.

We instill in every student the character traits that enable them to understand and interact in the world, appreciating and valuing differences.

  • Student behavior reflects the district’s character traits.
  • Students feel safe, valued and respected and connected to their school.
  • Students are able to adapt and be successful in a variety of environments and life roles.
  • Our students are recognized statewide as positive role models.

arrowOur students thrive because every community member believes they are a stakeholder and takes responsibility for the success of every student.

  • Parents are empowered and encouraged to be partners in their children’s education.
  • Members of the community are empowered and encouraged to be partners in the school community.
  • Students are contributors to their community.
  • Every school bond passes the first time it is placed on the ballot.

arrow Enrollment Report


arrow Character Education (character traits modeled and practiced)

Superintendent Delapoer listens to a student presentationCharacter Education is a prime focus at Greater Albany Public Schools. The following character traits have been identified by the Albany community and school district as important values that should be taught, modeled and practiced.

Personal Responsibility:

Being responsible for one's own actions and future. Having ownership and being accountable for the outcomes of decisions, and learning from mistakes.


Honesty - truthfulness, genuineness, being true to one's beliefs, attaining goals in a fair manner. Integrity - being true to one's ethical beliefs and taking action based on those beliefs.

Self Discipline:

Being able to control or improve one's pattern of behavior in moral, mental, emotional and physical wellness.


Having the internal strength to follow through on what one believes to be right or fair. Courage includes taking action on personal commitments.

Social Responsibility:

Being willing to participate in or develop community through volunteerism, voting, community service, and showing respect for country.


Thinking and caring about the welfare of others. The considerate personal interaction that enriches the lives of others.


Recognizing the worth and rights of self and others, the value of property and the environment. Respect includes valuing authority and being courteous to others.


Upholding what one believes to be fair. Being fair-minded in the treatment of others.

District Leadership Team

Maria Delapoer

Maria Delapoer
District Superintendent
Phone: 541-967-4501

Tonya Everest

Tonya Everest
Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 541-967-4501

Randy Lary

Randy Lary
Human Resources Director
Phone: 541-967-4501

Russ Allen

Russ Allen
Director of Business and Operations
Phone: 541-967-4501

Budget information

Budget Committee

arrow Budget Committee Members

Jerry Boehme
Address: 3795 Hemlock Place SE, Albany, OR 97322
Contact: 541.926.8815
Term Expires: 06/17

Frank Bricker
Address: 9725 NW Springhill Dr., Albany OR 97321
Contact: 541.926.9808
Term Expires: 06/15

Sandi Gordon
Address: 1230 Linnwood Dr. NE, Albany OR 97322
Contact: 541.905.5544
Term Expires: 06/17

Julie Jones
Address: 2283 SE Edgemont St., Albany OR 97322
Contact: 541.926.8823
Term Expires: 06/16

Doug Marteeny
Address: Albany OR 97321
Contact: 541.967.3836
Term Expires: 06/16

Chris Norman - Budget Committee Chair
Address: 1400 Lakewood Dr. SW, Albany, OR 97321
Contact: 541.905.4914
Term Expires: 06/17

Micah Smith
Address: 38541 Scravel Hill Rd. NE, Albany, OR 97322
Contact: 541.791.6355
Term Expires: 06/17

Will Summers
Address: 1120 Lawnridge St. SW, Albany OR 97321
Contact: 541.967.4292
Term Expires: 06/17

Lyle Utt
Address: 612 Maple St. SW, Albany, OR 97322
Contact: 541.361.8515
Term Expires: 06/15

Jennifer Ward
Address: 1355 NW Penny Lane, Albany OR 97321
Contact: 541.791.3687
Term Expires: 06/15

arrow Contact the Budget Committee

Additional Information

Board Policies & Administrative Rules

Greater Albany School District Online Policy Manual

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School Finder & Boundary Information

School Boundary Information

Boundary Maps

Easy-To-Use School Finder

Locate your assigned school by using the Infofinder website.Find Your School

  1. Click the "Find Your School" button

  2. Under "My Address" type in your street address and zip code. Be sure to include Dr, St, Ave, etc. (Note: You do not need to select a school or grade when you search.)

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Bond Construction

Summer Bond Constructionarrow In November 2006, Greater Albany Public School District voters approved a $55 million bond measure to build a new school, add to existing schools, and provide rehabilitation and improvements to the remainder.

The approved bond measure will allow the District to provide educational facility improvements at most campuses, including safety, heating and ventilation, electrical, water piping, science facilities, athletics, and disabled access.

The thirteenth-largest school district in Oregon, Greater Albany currently serves 9,100 students in 22 schools.

arrow Bond Oversight Committee

In November 2006, the Greater Albany School Board appointed a Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee after the passage of the $55 million Bond measure. Members included Jerry Boehme, Tom Gaulke, Mark McNabb, Wes Price, Ron Reimers, and Lisa Shogren. The committee was formed as a promise to the voters for an independent review of projects and expenditures to ensure bond funds were used as authorized by the voters. This review was to include both the legal restrictions of the bond approved by the voters as well as the intent communicated to the public.

Committee Chair Tom Gaulke delivered a report to the School Board at its January 12, 2011 meeting. He noted that the committee held 34 meetings during the four year period and concluded that:

  • The school district met all commitments made to the voters in the November 2006 bond issue both legally, and within the intent communicated to the voters.
  • School district patrons received excellent value for their money.
  • The school district did an excellent job in implementing the bond measure (receiving good bids, timing of projects and communicating the progress to the community.

Mr. Gaulke noted that as the remaining, uncommitted bond fund balance totaled just $46,062, he recommended that the School Board accept the committee’s final report and disband the committee.

Minutes From Bond Oversight Committee Meetings
All meeting minutes are in Acrobat PDF () format.


arrow Timber Ridge School Construction

Timber Ridge School was completed in August 2009.


Design Committee

  • Frank Bricker — School Board
  • Maria Delapoer — former H.R. Director
  • Cindy Drouhard — Middle School Teacher
  • Sandi Gordon — School Board
  • Ryan Graves — Boys & Girls Club
  • Chris Green — Parent Community Member
  • Jason Hoffert-Hay — Former Middle School Assistant principal
  • Steve Kunke — Assistant Superintendent
  • Barb Lowder — Elementary School Office Manager
  • Rick Sherman — Food Services Director
  • Connie Shrout — Elementary School Teacher
  • Bob Stalick — Community Member
  • Pat Weidmann — Middle School principal
  • Buzz Wheeler — Business Community Member


arrow All Other Bond Construction Projects

Photos of additions and improvements made to District schools using bond funds.


Report Cards

School Boundary Information

All District Report Cards are Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF) format.

School Report Cards

To view Report Cards for individual schools, please go to the school's website and click on "State Report Card" on the left navigation menu.


The district shall promote nondiscrimination and an environment free of harassment based on an individual’s race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, marital status or age or because of the race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, marital status or age of any other persons with whom the individual associates.