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Superintendent Maria Delapoer

Superintendent Maria Delapoer2014-15 Budget Message: Investing in Student Learning

I entitled my 2013-14 budget message "Investing in Student Learning" and that remains my focus. The district must continue to align our time, talents and resources on this critical investment. While the revenue picture at the state level has improved, we cannot be deceived in to thinking that resources can address every need and wish. There will always be the requirement to prioritize what we do to ensure that we get the best return for every dollar spent. Unfortunately, that will include having to say "no" or "not yet" to things that we would really like to fund.

Our investments must continue to be targeted on improving the quality of instruction in the classroom. We must provide professional development and professional learning community time in order to have high quality teachers instructing our students. We must have classes of reasonable sizes where instruction can be differentiated to meet the needs of all students. We must have well-trained administrators who are able to recognize and foster good teaching by being in classrooms as much as possible. We must equip our teachers and students with the tools they need to learn.

To this end, my budget allocates resources to significantly reduce class sizes throughout the district and allows for small group support from our classified staff. We must make sure we are remediating students from day one while it is the most cost effective and will have the longest lasting impact throughout their school careers. Planning for all day kindergarten in 2015 has already begun and will require additional resources to implement. We cannot leave any of our students behind and must have adequate interventions in place for students at all levels who struggle. We must also provide opportunities for students to explore areas of interest and ability, through electives and activities, in order to develop their creativity and their workforce skills in preparation to be successful adults.

For teachers to teach effectively so that students can learn they need proper instructional materials. A textbook augmented with 21st century technology that includes online learning and mobile technology, engages students and expands their learning. We are excited about the classrooms exploring various student devices as learning tools and plan to continue this opportunity across the district over the next several years.

Our facilities, though well maintained, continue to age and require constant upkeep and remodeling to meet the educational needs of students and staff. Our annual operating budget is not sufficient to tackle the number of projects that remain on the deferred maintenance list. In the near future the Board will need to consider reestablishing the District Facilities Advisory Committee to prepare for placing a bond before the community for facilities upgrades and ongoing rehabilitation. Our process for making safety improvements has begun but will need additional funds to complete.

To accomplish all of this, our focus must remain laser-like and our will unwavering. Many of these goals will take more than one year to accomplish and will require incremental progress over multiple budget years. They will also require support from our community partners and parents to provide opportunities and experiences for our students. I believe our school district is up to the task and we are well positioned to make our schools exceptional centers of learning for the next generation of Albany students.

Superintendent: Maria Delapoer

Highlights About Students & Staff

South Albany Dance Team

The South Albany High School Southern Belles dance team competed in the DDCA championship in Canby on December 6 and earned first place among 5A teams in the Large Jazz event and second place in the Hip Hop event.
The coach is Amanda GaVette.

LEGO Robotics Team heading to the State Championship

2014 -2015 ORTOP Philomath State Qualifying Tournament, 2nd Place Champions Award

On December 6, The Bacon Bricks, an all-girls robotics team led by teacher Mark Gullickson earned second place at the ORTOP Regional State Qualifying Tournament held in Philomath. They are now heading to the State Championship Tournament which will be held in Hillsboro this coming January.

This year, the research challenge theme is called, “World Class Learning Unleashed" and is centered upon improving the way people learn. Participating teams had to research a topic under this theme. The Bacon Bricks developed an innovative way for students to learn about the Cartesian coordinate graphing system. They have worked collaboratively with educators and professionals in the fields of mathematics and science education, both in the USA and in Europe. They have also been working with a partnership/buddy school in Zelenograd, Russia. To date, they have shared their FLL research project with more than 104,000 students all over the world. The Bacon Bricks were also selected by the national FIRST LEGO robotics organization as the featured research project team in the USA. Teachers and schools in both the USA and Russia - and others in Europe too -have begun using their innovative solution for teaching elementary students how the Cartesian coordinate graphing system works.

Students Tour Local Firms, Career Exploration Opportunities Focus on Manufacturing, Technology

Students Tour Local Firms, Career Exploration Opportunities Focus on Manufacturing, Technology

Students Tour Local Firms, Career Exploration Opportunities Focus on Manufacturing, Technology
Photo curtesy of David Patton, Albany Democrat Herald

Students at Albany middle schools aren’t quite ready for full-time jobs, but when they are, they may not have to leave Albany to find them. That’s the word from several local businesses acting as tour guides this year in Timber Ridge, Calapooia, Memorial and North Albany Middle Schools. Josephine Fleetwood of the Albany Area Chamber of Commerce is working with district schools to provide a middle school careers program. The after-school Career Exploration Club meets for an hour on early release Wednesdays for five weeks, spending one Wednesday each at local firms and organizations.

Seven Calapooia students visited Concept Systems which provides factory automation and systems integration services to manufacturers. Ed Diehl, president and co-founder of the company said that labor shortage is a big concern as not enough new employees are entering the field and those who currently have the skills are beginning to retire.

South Albany High School students visited CADD Connection, a company which creates 3D modeling for building designs.

Education Update


Kindergarten students

The School Board, at its May 11 regular meeting, approved a proposal for a sister school structure for Central and Takena School beginning during the 2015-16 school year. The vote came after a public work session earlier that evening.

The plan calls for Takena School to serve students in grades K-2 from the Central and Takena attendance areas, and for Central School to serve children in grades 3-5 from the Central and Takena attendance areas.

    Read more from the May 12, 2015 Education Update
    Superintendent's Budget Message 2015-16

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Donate to Education

There are a number of ways to support District schools. A variety of opportunities are listed below.

Donate to Individual Schools

District schools have prepared wish lists of support that range from books and curtains to painting and tutoring. To view a school's wish list, visit the school website. Click here for a list of schools.

Employee Gift Matching

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For a list of companies that match employee donations, click here.

Donate Through iVolunteer For KidsiVolunteer for Kids

The iVolunteer for Kids program (adopted by the Albany Public Schools Foundation) enables volunteers to support students by painting/landscaping schools, sponsoring activities, providing student supplies, or donating funds and/or time. Click herefor more information about iVolunteer.

Donate Computer Equipment

The Greater Albany Public School District Technology Department accepts computer, printer, and network equipment donations. All donated items must follow the Technology Department's equipment donation guidelines. Click here to view the guidelines.

Albany Public Schools FoundationDonate Monetary Gifts

Please donate through the Albany Public Schools Foundation which supports the District's students. The Foundation accepts monetary gifts by check, phone, or credit card using a secure donation form. Click here to donate to our schools.

This online charity connects donors to classrooms in need.Teacherspost their classroom project requests on Donors
,potential donors search classroom projects, and donors decide how much to donate - even as little as $1. Click here to view projects needed in our District.

Donate Your Time

Greater Albany Public Schools appreciates the volunteer efforts that support our schools. The District encourages parents and community volunteers to be in our schools for the primary purpose of enriching the education opportunities for students.

District policy requires all volunteers become familiarized with its volunteer policy. Policies include IICC and IICC-AR. For everyone's protection, GAPS requires all volunteers to sign a Volunteer Release waiver and Criminal History Verification form prior to engaging in any volunteer activities.

For more information about volunteering please contact the Human Resources Department by phone: 541-967-4501; fax: 541-967-4587; or visit us at 718 7th Ave. SW, Albany Oregon.

H1N1 Influenza Information

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Extra Credit Newsletter


Achievement Compacts and 40/40/20 Update

    Keeping up with the changes in education can be confusing. Schools everywhere have been working with intensity and speed to Oregon Diploma, Achievement Compacts and 40/40/20 Updateclose what have been termed "achievement gaps." These gaps have been variously defined as the differences between minority and white students' standardized test scores, between disabled and mainstream students, the gap in standardized test scores between students in the United States and their counterparts in other developed countries.
    Here is a short summary of events affecting the Greater Albany School District journey toward closing these various "gaps" as measured in local schools.

     Read more from the April 2013 newsletter

Extra Credit Newsletter Archive