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Parent Access to Student Grades Using Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV)


Pinnacle Internet Viewer, or PIV, is now available. PIV is a "portal" that enables parents/guardians to view information on their student's grades. Click on the button below to log into the PIV.

PIV Parent Portal

Pinnacle codes:

Z = Missing

R = Redo

T= Turned in but not graded.

0 = Zero – Turned it in but got a zero

X = Excused

Behavior or Citizenship Scores:

E = Excellent

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory

Assessment grades are A, B, C, D and apply toward Proficiency, Tests, Assessments, or Projects counted as assessments.

About Pinnacle Internet Viewer
Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) lets you securely view and monitor your Memorial Middle School student's grades and/or assignment information using an internet browser and your own login and password.

PIV features an e-mail notification option. This lets you choose which reports or notifications you would like to receive and how often you would like to receive them. For example, you can choose a standard grade report to be sent to you every Thursday via e-mail. You can also select an option that enables you to receive an e-mail notification when any grade goes above or below a set value that you choose.

How to Sign Up
For new accounts you must do so in person at your student's school. For security purposes a photo ID is required. PIV logins will be issued during Back to School Night. If this does not meet your needs, you can sign up during regular office hours.

You will receive a letter containing your login and password. Please keep your letter in a safe place to refer to in case you forget your login or password, otherwise you will have to visit the school in person to retrieve this information. When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change the password. Please be sure you go to the "Settings" and enter an email address, so that if you forget or lose your password, you can have it emailed to you. Otherwise you will have to call the school to get it reset, which takes some time and effort and may not happen immediately.

PIV information is specific only to a given student ID and password. It is the obligation of the viewer to know the proper student ID and password for the selected school site. NOTE: Memorial Middle School's login and password are confidential. Upon verification that a PIV login or password has been compromised, access through that account will be disabled by the principal.

The responsibilities of parents, student, and teacher are listed below.

Parent Responsibilites:

  • Parents will provide a "homework place" for their students to work.
  • Parents will periodically check their student's planner.
  • Parents will email the principal for help with getting PIV set up, not the teachers.

The PIV service is not meant to replace direct communication between students/parents/teachers or other school staff members. If you have questions about any of the information, please discuss them with your student first. Then have your student discuss it with his/her teacher(s). If you need further clarification, please contact your student's teacher.

Student Responsibilites:

  • Students will try their best.
  • Students will finish homework assignments and turn them in on time.
  • Students will study for tests.
  • Students will fill in their planners every day.

Teacher Responsibilites:

  • Teachers will have their grades entered and up to date by Thursday morning.
  • Teachers will respond to parent e-mails within a week.