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Fast Facts

Tracy Day

Office Manager
Patty Nordyke

815 E Thornton Lake Dr. NW
Albany, OR 97321

(541) 967-4588

(541) 924-3719

8 am - 4 pm

Student Supervision:

8:35 am-3:40 pm


AM = 8:55-11:30

PM = 12:40-3:30

Grades 1-5:
8:50 am - 3:30 pm

Breakfast served 8:35-8:55 am

Opened in 1906 and rebuilt in 1949, North Albany Elementary School is proudly educating its fifth generation of Albany children. Located on a wooded 7.5-acre campus, the school serves students from the Thornton Lake area of North Albany.


Parent Instructional Resources:

Common Core State Standards

If you are interested in learning more, please use this link:

Investigations Math

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Parent Resource Links:

At NAE this year, staff is learning about the growth mindset, a term taken from psychologist and Harvard professor Carol Dweck’s book Mindset. The following are growth-mindset related articles to peruse:


Our school is proud to offer:

Library and Technology Program
Provides weekly instruction that focuses on reading and literature, library skills and research skills.

Technology Instructional Program
Technology topics include keyboarding, word processing, presentation, and internet use.

School-wide Recycling Program
Third and fourth graders coordinate a waste reduction effort that involves every classroom.

Accelerated Reader Program
Provides motivational reading reinforcement and ongoing comprehension assessments for students in second through fifth grade.

Accelerated Math Program
Provides individualized, targeted instruction and assessment, linked to national and state standards for students in second through fifth grades.

Music and PE Program
Provides specialized music and PE instruction for students in grades 1 - 5.

Business Partnerships
Provides the following service opportunities: Safe Haven Humane Society for grade 2, Helping Hands Homeless Shelter for grade 3, Albany-Lebanon Sanitation for grade 4 and Linn Greeters and FISH of Albany for grade 5.

Thornton's Swamp Skills
Teaches self-empowerment and conflict-resolution skills that are useful at school and home.

Mileage Club
Each spring, students accept the challenge of fitness walking during lunch recess. Every year their combined mileage grows with over 12,000 miles walked this year. More than 30 students walked 35 miles or more.

Parents are our partners

Site Council
Parents work with staff to provide leadership support and goal-setting. The focus is on moving students toward state benchmarks.

Parent-Teacher Partnership
Provides fun, culture and support for the school. The PTP sponsors our carnival, field day, Jog-A-Thon and hosts our open house to celebrate the new school year and provides maintenance for the school's fitness-learning trail. Parents also purchase needed equipment, learning materials, and technology for the school. The group meets on alternating months, September through May. The past several years, the PTP has sponsored the Parent Volunteer Art Program which offers two to four weeks of art instruction annually. Students study the works of significant artists and art periods, learns drawing, coloring, ceramics and other skills.

Volunteer Program
More than 120 trained volunteers provide classroom assistance, and help with special events and long-term projects.

Our focus for improvement

  • Ensure that at least 90 percent of third and fifth graders meet or exceed the benchmark expectation on the state reading assessment.
  • Ensure that at least 90 percent of third and fifth graders meet or exceed the benchmark expectation on the state writing assessment.
  • Ensure that all students participate in character education activities. Activities will include lessons in kindness, respect, responsibility, honesty/integrity, self-discipline and problem solving.