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South Shore Staff

MichaelAnn McIlvenny Principal
Marcy Beltran Bilingual Dean of Students
Leah Guilford Office Manager
Corina Victorio Bilingual Family Liaison
Briana Victorio Bilingual Clerical Specialist


Certified Staff

Alicia Jabin Yes Kindergarten Dual Immersion
Paige Wooton   Kindergarten Dual Immersion
Becky Young   Kindergarten
Luz Moore Yes 1st Grade Dual Immersion
Kathleen Boatwright   1st Grade Dual Immersion
Lela Fitzner   1st Grade
Monica Plotts Yes 2nd Grade Dual Immersion
Janece Vanderburg   2nd Grade Dual Immersion
Elisabeth Mowery   2nd Grade
Mayra Herrera Yes 3rd Grade Dual Immersion
Kathy Knutzen   3rd Grade Dual Immersion
Karrin Mayer   3rd Grade
Emily Batdorf Yes 4th Grade Dual Immersion
Victoria Henricks   4th Grade Dual Immersion
Chris O'Connell   4th Grade
Maria Aguilar Yes 5th Grade Dual Immersion
Cathie Fraser   5th Grade
Anna Townsend   Resource Room
Melanie Casprowiak Yes Title I Reading Specialist
Megan Silvey   Speech and Language Specialist
Delia Guillen Yes English Language Learner Specialist
Julie Ritchey   Music
Sharon DuBeau   Title I Reading Specialist
Jean Stohlman   English Language Learner Specialist



Support Staff

Eva Hamm   Custodian
Bob Slowik   Custodian
Cathy Ohling   Focus Room
Angela Lukesic   Food Service
Olive Docken   Food Service
Lynn Rogers   Food Service
Shannon Veit   Library Support Specialist
Claire Maramba   Office Assistant
Renee Hall   Special Education Assistant
Ruth Holmes   Special Education Assistant
Mary Ann Roth   Special Education Assistant
Jenny Anderson   Supported Education Assistant
Maria Guillen Yes Supported Education Assistant
Rick Ohling   Supported Education Assistant
Lynn McCurdy   Supported Education Assistant
Shannon Brimhall   Supported Education Assistant
Eileen Martinez Yes Supported Education Assistant
Carole Richard   Supported Education Assistant
Evelia Moreno Yes Supported Education Assistant
Lucia McCarty Yes Supported Education Assistant
Azucena Lopez Yes Supported Education Assistant
Julia Ledesma Yes Supported Education Assistant
Angela Luna Yes Supported Education Assistant