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Staff Calendars

Staff Calendars

Staff Calendars: 2015-2016

updated 5/4/2015

Classified Staff

Licensed Staff

Staff Calendars: 2014-2015

updated 3/4/2015

Classified Staff

Licensed Staff

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Automated substitute placement and absence management system.

AESOP Login       AESOP website

arrow AESOP - New Employee Information

You will receive a letter from the Human Resources Department informing you about the automated substitute and leave program referred to as AESOP. This letter will also include your (ID) identification number and your (PIN) personal identification number.

The AESOP service will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may interact with the system either on the Internet at or by way of a toll free automated phone line.

 How do I register with AESOP?

  1. Simply dial 1-800-942-3767.
  2. Enter your identification (ID) and PIN numbers.
  3. Once you are logged in the system, you will be given prompts for the various menu choices. When you access the AESOP system over the phone for the first time, it is very important that you record your name and assignment for substitutes to hear. Please keep in mind that only your name and assignment should be recorded, (e.g. John Doe, 3rd Grade) as AESOP will play this recording to potential substitutes for all future absences you register. You will not be asked to record this information each time you register an absence.

*When entering an absence, please wait until you receive a confirmation number before you terminate the phone call. Your transaction is not complete until you receive a confirmation number.

You may also access AESOP on the Internet at Here you will be able to enter absences, check your absence schedule, update personal information, and exercise other features. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments; please feel free to contact Amanda Hill at (541) 967-4501 or by email.


arrow AESOP FAQ's for Employees

If you are the employee:

What is the 1-800 number and web site?

Phone: 1-800-942-3767 | Website:

I am having problems logging on – can you help me?

Need help logging in to AESOP? Click here for more information.

Make sure you are using the correct ID and PIN number – refer to your Welcome Letter or contact your AESOP Administrator (for the Albany School District: Amanda Hill, 541-967-4501.)

Can I use both the computer and the phone?


I do not have a computer – how will I be able to enter my absence?

You will simply use the phone system to interact with AESOP.

How do I handle [personal, professional] days? Do I still go through the school office?

Yes, you still need to get approval from your administrator before entering this type of absence into AESOP.

What if I have subs whom I prefer ?

You are able to create a Preferred Substitute list by clicking on Preferred Substitutes on your home page. AESOP will call those substitutes first before going to the list of those substitutes who have signed up to sub in your area.

Does AESOP call in alphabetic order or randomly?

AESOP will call in a random order.

What if there are subs that I'd rather not have in my class?

You have the ability to go into your Preferred Substitute list and put that person's name on it. You can choose either to "Include" them or "Exclude" them from your list. "Exclude" means that the sub will never be allowed to sub for you. And you don't need to worry, that sub will not be aware that they are on your "Exclude" list.

What will happen if no substitute takes my assignment? 

Your school secretary or the AESOP Administrator have the ability to personally contact substitutes and assign them to the absence.

Will I get the same qualified subs that I could get before AESOP?

Yes. The same substitutes that were in the old system are in the AESOP system.

Can I pick the sub I want to replace me? How can I arrange that?

Yes, but you must first contact them to see if they are available to accept your assignment. When you create your absence you will need to click on "Save and Assign" to put that sub's name into your absence. Remember, AESOP will NOT call an assigned sub to remind them of the job!

Is the phone automatically updated with jobs when someone enters an absence on the Internet and vice versa?

Once an absence has been created both the phone and Internet will be updated at the same time.

How far out in advance can I schedule an absence?

If creating a job on the WEB you can schedule an absence 365 days in advance. If creating a job on the phone you can schedule an absence 30 days in advance.

For how many consecutive days can I schedule an absence?

You can schedule as many days as needed. When you go to create your absence you will need to put the number of days in the first box then continue on with creating your absence. Once you are done creating the absence and you click on the Save button, you should be able to see all of the days on the screen.

How can I view all the days I have taken off?

In your home page on the WEB you can click on Absence History and view the history of the past 90 days.

How can I see who is substituting for me?

In your home page on the WEB you can click on Absence History and view who is substituting for you.

Can I create an absence the day after I was gone?

No.  The system is set up so only your school secretary or the AESOP Administrator can do this for you.

Do I have the ability to change my personal information, my work hours, etc. in my profile?

Yes you do have the ability to change information in your profile. You will need to click on "Change Personal Information" in your home page. Make sure to click on the box Edit Info before making the needed changes. Once the changes have been made make sure you click on the box Apply Changes to make those changes permanent. Remember if you are changing your phone number, the new phone number will then become your ID number. If your work schedule changes it's a good idea to check your profile to make sure that your work hours, etc. are correct.

What if I work at more than one location during the day and need to create an absence?

You will need to make sure that you click on the down arrow to choose the school you are first going to be absent from. Indicate the absence reason type, if a sub is required or not and in the next box you will need to click on the down arrow to "Customize" the hours that you work in that school. Make sure to SAVE or SAVE and ASSIGN that portion of the absence. For the second part of the absence click on the "Create another absence for this employee" and start the process over again except this time clicking on the down arrow to indicate the second location and the appropriate times, etc.

Will I be able to know how many days I have left of a particular absence reason?

No. You will need to rely on the Leave Absent Report that the Bookkeeping Dept. sends out throughout the year.

What do I do if I have problems entering an absence or maybe forgot my PIN number.

Contact your AESOP Administrator for the Greater Albany School District which is Amanda Hill at (541) 967-4501 or by email.


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Teacher Resources


Human Resources / Business Information

Certified Employees

Classified Employees

Employee Assistannce Program (EAP)

Infinite Visions (8/2014)




Staff Development


Click on a link for detailed information about the committees:

  • Budget Committee
  • School Board
  • District Leadership Team

  • Safety Committee
    The Safety Committee's mission is to promote and maintain a safe and productive work environment for students, employees, and the community that focuses on early identification of all risk exposures, prevention, training, and mitigation through an active and effective risk management program.
    arrow Vision
    • A safe and efficient place to work.
    • A work environment that promotes creativity in problem solving resulting in quality customer service.
    • A work place that promotes wellness and pride in the team.
    • A work environment that promotes effective communications, respects each team member and responsibility of position.
    • Creates a process that puts risk management communications as a daily function.
    arrow Goals
    1. Ensure 80% attendance throughout the year with alternates representing work areas when needed.
    2. Enhance facility inspections through form revision and safety representative participation in inspections with agency personnel.
    3. Enhance wellness program with safety committee member support.
    4. Increase employee involvement through departmental meetings with safety committee member leadership.
    5. Enhance safety committee visibility through use of monthly safety topics to be addressed by committee members.
    arrow Committee Members
    • Central - Angie Boyd
    • Clover Ridge - Val Pariseau
    • Fir Grove - Mary Hardenbrook
    • Lafayette - Heather Huzefka
    • Liberty - Debra Redpath
    • North Albany Elem. - Patty Nordyke
    • Oak - Mary Lou Seibel
    • Oak Grove - Greg Lehr
    • Periwinkle - Gary Bushnell
    • South Shore - Chris O’Connell
    • Sunrise - Charlene Moe
    • Takena - Pam Wallberg
    • Tangent - Barbara Sloan
    • Waverly - Frank Caropelo
    • Timber Ridge - Kelli Belcastro
    • Calapooia Middle - Michael Wall
    • Memorial Middle - Kerrie O’Brien
    • North Albany Middle - Leo Gonzalez
    • South Albany High - Jim Gould
    • West Albany High - Gary Russell
    • Albany Options - Nora LePage
    • Special Prog. - Donna Walker
    • Fairmount - Bev Hovelsrud
    • Physical Plant - Julie Foss
    • Transportation - Tony Morrison
    • District Office - Lori Williams and Carol Swank
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Child Abuse Reporting

Child abuse reporting and prevention training for Oregon schools. 

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SafeSchools Training for Parents

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New Equipment Orders

To order a new computer, call Julie Foss or Richard Thomas
at 541-917-3495.

Technology Services

Please see the Technology Department web page for submitting work orders, downloads, software support, training videos, etc.

Grant Opportunities

Classroom Grants

The Albany Public Schools Foundation awarded more than $20,000 in classroom grants in February for the 2012-2013 school year.  Funded projects ranged from electronics, robotics, to materials for art, reading, music and physical education. Read more...

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Staff Safety Training

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