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About our School

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*2013/14 School Supply List*

Fast Facts

Lori Greenfield

Office Manager:
Renee Riley

730 19th Ave. SE
Albany, OR 97322

Phone: (541) 967-4608
Fax: (541) 924-3726

Office Hours:
8:15 am - 4:00 pm

Grades: K-5

School Hours:
Grades 1-5:
8:35 am - 3:25 pm
AM Kindergarten:
8:35 am - 11:30 am
PM Kindergarten:
12:45 pm - 3:25 pm


Early Release EVERY Wednesday!

(School gets our an hour early)

Total Enrollment: 420


Students are not to arrive before 8:30 a.m. as there is no supervision provided before that time!

Sunrise  is working with Fire Up Your to inspire families, students and staff in creating active lifestyles.  Fire Up Your’s activity tracking website lets families and staff log their daily minutes of physical activity such as walking, playing, bicycling and more for our school team.  If our school has the most participants at the end of the spring season we can win part of $70,000 in awards for our school! Participating is easy, register at Fire Up, and start logging your activity today! Don’t forget to check out the Fire Up Your Feet family friendly activities, healthy lifestyle tips and educational resources.

La Escuela Sunrise está trabajando en conjunto  con “Fire Up Your Feet. Org” para inspirar a las familias, los estudiantes y el personal de la escuela para tener un estilo de vida más activo.   La organización “Fire Up Your”  permite a las familias registrar, en su página electrónica,  en el  apartado “activity tracking” las actividades físicas que hacemos diariamente  tales como caminar, jugar, andar en bicicleta, etc., las cuales se van a acumular en la actividad que realiza el equipo de nuestra escuela.   Podemos ganar hasta $70,000 dólares en premios para nuestra escuela si nuestra escuela tiene el mayor número de participantes para el fin de la primavera.  Es muy fácil participar.  ¡Hay que registrarse en la página electrónica de “Fire Up Your” y empezar a registrar las actividades que hagamos a partir del día de hoy!  Recuerden revisar las actividades familiares de la pagina “Fire Up Your Feet”, las sugerencias  sobre como tener un estilo de vida saludable y el material educativo publicado.

Our School

Built in 1949, Sunrise Elementary School is proudly educating its second generation of Albany children. Located on a spacious 10-acre campus, Sunrise serves students from fast growing central Albany.

Our School Is Proud To Offer:

Read Well

Our primary (kindergarten-1st grade) reading curriculum adjusts to the needs of each student and builds the foundation necessary for sustained reading success. Daily instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics, vocabulary, reading fluency, and comprehension build the foundation necessary for students to become lifelong readers.

Harcourt StoryTown

StoryTown is our district adopted core reading program for 2nd-5th grade. StoryTown is filled with a variety of fiction and nonfiction literature. Fiction offerings include narratives, poems, plays, and fantasy while nonfiction features contemporary news articles, biographies, research material, and more. The program authors have included a robust vocabulary that helps to create a rich learning environment through carefully selected words.

Accelerated Reader Program

The AR program makes essential reading practice more effective for every student. Personalized reading practice is tailored to each student's current reading level. The computer-based program helps manage all reading activities and assesses the students' reading with four types of quizzes:Reading practice,Vocabulary practice, Literacy Skills, and the Textbook Quizzes. Our Parent Club helps provide special incentives for this reading program.

Character Development Program

Our Positive Behavior Support program ensures that all students feel safe here at Sunrise and learn to be respectful,responsible citizens of our school community and beyond. Second Steps, a character education curriculum, is used in every classroom to teach empathy, problem solving, and conflict resolution.


Privides students with the ability to express themselves through music. To acheive this students are encuraged to sing and move to music. They are also provided the chance to play instruments such as xylophone, autoharp & guitar as well as other purcussion instruments.

Focus Room Program
Provides a special place where children can focus on their school work or on issues that affect their school work. Students are provided with time to focus in order to be successful in school. The focus room has trained staff who help students problem solve and coach students on skills needed for the school environment and life.

Technology Skills

Provides formal training in computer skills and online research. Students work with drawing programs, word processing, web exploration,  PowerPoint® presentations and Excel® spreadsheets.

Math Program
Students enjoy math as they learn basic skills and mathematical thinking strategies with a hands-on approach.

Internet Safety Program

A local City of Albany police officer visits the fourth and fifth grader's classrooms to teach the students about being safe on the internet.


Parents Are Our Partners

Parent Club - Parent/Teacher Team
Coordinates many activities for students and our school:

  • Two book fairs, a BOGO and a major fund-raiser each year.

  • Meetings are the third Tuesday of the month at 3:45pm in the school library (all are welcome)!

Title I/Site Council Advisory Council
Parents work with staff to make decisions about this important program.

Our Focus For Improvement

  • Increase progress in reading from Kindergarten through fifth grades.

  • Increase progress in mathematics from kindergarten through fifth grades.

  • Ensure that all students use the same vocabulary for peaceful conflict resolution and problem solving.

Our Teachers

At Sunrise we are very proud of the quality of our teachers that educate your children. All of our teachers and assistants who work with children are judged to be "highly qualified" by federal standards. If you would like to know more about the educational qualifications of your child's teachers, please give us a call. We will be glad to answer any questions that you have.

Click here for a list of our teachers and their email addresses