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We're small in number (150), but BIG in academics and character education!

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Fast Facts

Rich Sipe
Office Manger:
Matie Dougherty
32100 Old Oak Drive
Tangent, OR 97389

  (541) 967-4616
  (541) 924-3716

School Hours:

First through Fifth Grades

Wednesdays only: 9:05am - 2:40pm

  9:05am - 11:30pm

Extended Kinder for those that qualify starting 9/29. Dismissal at 1:30pm on Monday,Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Total Enrollment: 150


April 2, 2015

Dear Families,

As you are aware there was a significant fire at South Albany High School Wednesday morning.  The fire damaged the cafeteria, band, choir, and food classrooms as well as the staff room.  Thankfully no injuries occurred due to the quick response of the police and fire departments in the Albany area. 

The loss of a school facility is emotional to us all; especially for students, staff, and parents who are proud to call South Albany High School their home.  This affects our entire community and as a community we will work together to recover.

Counseling staff will be on hand Thursday for SAHS students and staff who want to talk with someone about what occurred.  We recognize the emotional impact this can have on everyone involved.  We are working with the Fire Marshall on determining when classes can resume. 

We understand many of you may want to reach out to staff at South, offering your thoughts of support.  We ask that you hold off sending e-mails at this time.  Any cards or letters you would like us to deliver can be dropped off at the District Office.  We are also taking calls here so that they focus on students and immediate planning needs.  

Students and children of all ages will hear conversations and may wonder about their own school.  As a parent you help by letting your children know that all schools have fire alarm systems and that keeping everyone safe is our top priority.  Any information you may have should be forwarded to the Fire Department or Albany Police Department.

Thank you for the donation offers and kind thoughts that have already been sent our way.  We have received many calls about financial support as well.  The Albany Public Schools Foundation is our official avenue to collect donations.  They can be reached at (541) 979-2773. 

Additional communication will be sent in the coming days about what our next steps will be to reinstate our programs.  Please visit our website and newly created Facebook Page (Greater Albany Public Schools) and Twitter account (GreaterAlbanySD) for on-going updates about this situation.  Your support is appreciated during this challenging time.



Maria Delapoer




Spring Notes


As we move into Spring, the activity level at Tangent Elementary School rises considerably!  Between assemblies, swimming lessons, field trips, PTC events, and exciting classroom activities, the pace has definitely picked up.  In addition, it is during these months that considerable academic growth (and expectations!) takes place.  With state assessments looming in the near future, students and teachers alike are pushing hard to make sure they are prepared.  Spring Break (March 23-27) will give students and staff an opportunity to recharge their batteries for the final drive to the end of the year.


Looking forward to our traditional end of the year events, such as the school carnival, Field Day, and all-school BBQ, I want to thank in advance our many volunteers and supporters who make such activities possible.  Without their help these events would not be possible.  Activities such as these are an important piece of building school community, without which students do not achieve at their highest levels.  Thanks to all who have helped shape today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders.  Hope to see you at Tangent Elementary School in the near future!





Tangent's Core Purpose: To educate and inspire all students to reach their full potential, equipped to be positive, contributing members of society.

As elementary educators we realize our crucial roles in teaching reading, math, and writing. We are dedicated to focusing on academic skills while culturing character education, physical fitness, and an appreciation of the arts.

We also believe that in order to teach character traits, we must model them with children and one another.

About Our School:

Built in 1965, Tangent Elementary School is proudly educating its second and third generation of children. Located on an 8 acre campus amid fertile farm fields, Tangent Elementary serves a large area surrounding the community for which the school is named.


Our School Is Proud To Offer:

Character Education Program
Tangent Elementary students follow the same three rules in all settings at our school: be safe, respectful, and responsible.  Students who follow these rules are invited to participate in school wide rewards throughout the year.

Wildlife Habitat
An area in front of our school has been designated as a habitat for plants that are native to our area.  The purpose of this project is to familiarize students with plants that are native to Oregon.

Annual Events
We bring our school community together each year with the following events: Fall Open House, Senior Dinner, music programs, carnival, science fair, and an end-of-the-year swimming trip.

Community members and parents help in classrooms, prepare materials for teachers, work one-on one with students, chaperone field trips and provide school wide assistance for events such as Senior Dinner and carnvival.

Parent Club
The Tangent Parent Club works tirelessly to raise funds to support student learning and activities. The club has been instrumental in raising funds for needed school items such as computers and projectors, library books, playground structure and equipment. They also play a major role in planning and putting on our annual events and coordinate volunteering in the school.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

Students should not be dropped off before 8:45 AM.  There is no one to supervise the students until 8:45 AM.  This time before school is a much-needed prep-time for all those associated with the school.   School begins at 9:05 AM. 

Additional Information for Tangent Parents:

Free and Reduced Lunches — Greater Albany Public Schools and the State of Oregon offer the breakfast and lunch program at reduced prices or free for those families qualifying due to size and income.  We encourage parents who have had a change in their family’s situation, due to size or income, to complete applications. If you have not filled out a new application for this school year, please do so immediately.

Kids Going Home — Please talk to your child in the mornings before they leave for school and give them directions of where they are to be after school that day.  The office gets calls frequently that could/should have been taken care of at home.  Please note that unless your student brings a note to the office or to his/her teacher, or the office receives a phone call, your student/s will ride the bus home if that is what he normally does. Students are required to ride the bus unless prior arrangements or notification has been made. Kindergarten Students…  If a guardian or designated adult is not at the bus stop to pick up your child, he or she will be returned to school for you to pick up.

Medication — Students receiving ANY kind of medication, over-the-counter or prescription, must have a medical release form filled out and on file in the office.  If your child is taking a prescription, the bottle must come to the office by an adult – NOT ON THE BUS – and be marked EXACTLY how it is to be dispensed (frequency and time of day).  All non-prescriptions INCLUDING cough drops, Tylenol, etc. must be accompanied by a medical release and dispensed from the office.

Volunteers are ALWAYS Welcome — Tangent School welcomes parents and community members who wish to volunteer.  However, ALL visitors need to enter through the front doors and check in at the office and obtain a badge.  Also, volunteers must complete Criminal History Verification form prior to volunteering and receive volunteer training with Mr. Sipe.