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Fast Facts

Rich Sipe

Office Manager:
Pat Walton
1500 Oak Grove Dr. NW
Albany, OR 97321

Phone: 541-967-4596
Fax: 541-924-3715
Total Enrollment:
Office Hours:
7:30 am - 4 pm
School Hours:
9 am - 3:35 pm
Early Release Wednesday Hours:
9 am - 2:35 pm

June 19, 2014


Dear Oak Grove Families:


Over the past five years we have spoken to our Oak Grove students about the value of hard work, trying one’s best at all times, never giving up, and other character traits that emphasize the importance of the journey, rather than the destination.  My Oak Grove journey has been incredible, with staff members, students, and parents all contributing to my growth and shaping my vision of what a public school should be.  The time has come for me to continue my journey and apply that vision in another setting.  District leadership has offered me a unique opportunity to expand my role in Human Resources next year.  In addition, I will also serve as the Principal at Tangent Elementary School.


Rightfully so, District leaders surmised that Oak Grove’s enrollment numbers dictate that the Principal be a full-time position with limited additional District responsibilities.  My current and future HR responsibilities necessitate that I be out of the building frequently, a situation that is manageable in a smaller school, such as Tangent, but problematic in a school the size of Oak Grove. 


While I am excited about the opportunities in my new position, I am heavy-hearted about leaving Oak Grove.  So many wonderful people have given so much over the past five years to make Oak Grove the very special place that it is.  The school community trusted me, stood by and supported me when I made mistakes, and shared their appreciation and generosity on a continual basis.  It will certainly be difficult to say “good-bye” to so many faces that have impacted and meant so much to me these past few years.


Oak Grove Elementary is a growing and vibrant school community.  These next few years will be an exciting time of reaching new heights and starting new traditions under new leadership.  I will forever cherish my time in the Oak Grove family and know that the positive influence of the school community will continue to pay dividends for many years to come as I continue my journey.  Thank you for a wonderful ride!


All My Best,




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