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Oak Grove

Fast Facts

Principal: Jerrie Matuszak

Office Manager: Pat Walton

Contact Information:
 • Phone: 541-967-4596
 • Fax: 541-924-3715

School Address:
  1500 Oak Grove Dr. NW
  Albany, OR 97321

Oak Grove Hours:
 • Office: 7:30am - 4pm
 • School: 8:55am - 3:35pm
 • Early Release: 8:55am - 2:35pm

Grades: K-5 | Enrollment: 345

Oak Grove Elementary


Dear Members of the Albany Community,


It is with a grateful heart that I write to you. The outpouring of support over the last week since the fire at South Albany High School has been a testament to the special nature of our community. The offers of support, donations, and financial contributions have been incredible. The quick action of our first responders prevented further damage to the school and avoided any injuries plus secured a quick arrest. The work the school and district staff have done to get South Albany up and running quickly demonstrates their commitment and professionalism. I am fortunate to work with such generous and dedicated people.


During this process of rebuilding, we want to be accurate and clear about how things are being handled.  The District is insured to cover this devastating loss. Our coverage includes the building structure and contents, and we are still working to completely identify what was destroyed. In the end there will likely be gaps in what insurance covers and adjustments in how we will plan to rebuild these programs and facilities. We will make sure that every donation is put to good use for the betterment of student instruction and to provide students with opportunities for learning.


The Albany Public Schools Foundation is our official avenue of collecting and managing any financial donations in response to the fire. The Foundation has received a private contribution that has been matched by their Board, which will allow them to waive their administration fee. This means that 100% of a donation will be used for South Albany programs and purposes designated by the donor. We are so appreciative of the many individuals and groups that have organized fund-raisers to help support the programs at South and ask that you contribute those donations through the Foundation.


The loss of band equipment was an immediate concern for many community members. Thanks to the support of our other band programs across the district and OSU we were able to make sure all students have loaned instruments for their classes and upcoming concerts. We know there are also concerns for the other programs that lost important items. I am pleased to assure the community that for now we are able to meet those needs also. 


As we move forward in this process we will keep you informed of our progress toward rebuilding the South Albany facilities and restoring the equipment that was lost. We have recently begun using social media to communicate and now have a Facebook Page as well as a link on our GAPS website.


Thank you for your concern, good wishes and support for South Albany. I am proud to live and work in such a caring and generous community.




Maria Delapoer


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