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Oak Grove

Fast Facts

Principal: Jerrie Matuszak

Office Manager: Pat Walton

Contact Information:
 • Phone: 541-967-4596
 • Fax: 541-924-3715

School Address:
  1500 Oak Grove Dr. NW
  Albany, OR 97321

Oak Grove Hours:
 • Office: 7:30am - 4pm
 • School: 8:55am - 3:35pm
 • Early Release: 8:55am - 2:35pm

Grades: K-5 | Enrollment: 345

Oak Grove Elementary

 Hello 2015!!!! Welcome back to school and Happy New Year.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday time with family and friends. We are back into the swing of things here at Oak Grove. Thank you for being a supportive part in this work of educating our children.


When inclement weather occurs you can find school closure information on the main district webpage. Under the parents tab you will find a link to Delays and Closures, from there you can sign up for emergency alerts sent to your phone or email by going to the FlashAlert link. You may also listen to any local radio or TV station to learn of school closure information.


Attendance at school is very important. It is even more important these days because of all the classroom/partner/group/project activities we are doing. It is also the law that students not be absent more than one day per month of the school year. This includes students arriving late to school. 5 tardies will equal one absent.  Please make it a priority to have your child here on time each day! Thank you! We all really appreciate it.


As you know, our third, fourth and fifth grade students will start taking a new statewide assessment this year. Students are taking a Smarter Balanced language arts and math test. Fifth grade students will take an OAKS science test also. These tests will be taken on the computers in our lab. I know our students will do well. Please watch for additional information from the teachers on specific dates. You can help out by making sure they get enough sleep, have a good healthy breakfast, are here at school on time, and encourage them to do their best and take their time.


Jerrie Matuszak


   Responsibly involve and Enable success.

Schools, families & community: Working together to prepare students for our future.