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Oak Grove Elementary

Oak Grove

Fast Facts

Rich Sipe

Office Manager:
Pat Walton
1500 Oak Grove Dr. NW
Albany, OR 97321

Phone: 541-967-4596
Fax: 541-924-3715
Total Enrollment:
Office Hours:
7:30 am - 4 pm
School Hours:
9 am - 3:35 pm
Early Release Wednesday Hours:
9 am - 2:35 pm

School Culture

All schools have a culture that defines them.  A positive culture serves as the glue that holds the school together, creating an atmosphere of safety and student success.  Students feel safe to try their hardest and not be afraid of failing.  Staff feel safe to venture outside “the box” and challenge existing practices.  Staff and students are motivated to give their best efforts at all times, celebrating successes and learning through the shortfalls.  In short, healthy and thriving schools are places where positive expectations are the norm and outstanding growth and achievement are the result.  

At Oak Grove, we are proud of the positive culture we have created and realize that it takes continual hard work to maintain and build upon it.  All school-community stakeholders - staff, students, parents and other community members - share the responsibility of keeping the “mojo” going in the right direction.   We are all one team with a shared goal of providing our kids with an exceptional educational experience, one which will open doors and fuel the dreams of our next generation of great thinkers and citizens.

I offer my most sincere thanks and appreciation for all of you that have supported and contributed to that mission.  As we turn the corner into spring, our students will be challenged and pushed at a rapid pace.  It is a time of great academic growth.  They will undoubtedly get “bucked off the horse”, as we have discussed in our morning assemblies, and will need our collective support to get back on.  But be assured they have received the messages that there is no substitute for hard work, to always give one’s best effort, and to pick oneself up if one gets knocked down, in a loving, supportive environment that is preparing them for the challenging work that lies ahead.  Thanks again for helping to foster an environment that builds the foundation for student success!



Together we… Challenge, Advance skills, Responsibly involve, & Enable success.

Schools, families, and community: Working together to prepare students for our future.