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Athletic participation forms:

West Albany High School offers a full program of interscholastic athletics for boys & girls. We compete in the Mid-Valley Conference, District 8 5A, along with Corvallis, Crescent Valley, South Albany, Lebanon, Woodburn, Silverton, and Dallas High Schools.

Academic Standards For Athletics and Activities (Band, Choir, Speech, Cheer, Dance)

Student-athletes are required to maintain at least a 2.0 accumulative GPA or be making continuous progress. Grades will be checked at 3-week intervals throughout the school year. Athletes who do not meet the requirements at the 6 week progress report will be on academic probation and must improve to a 2.0 to remain eligible.  In addition, the OSAA requires students pass at least 5 classes the previous semester, be enrolled in & passing 5 classes at the time of competition, and be making satisfactory progress toward graduation. Any time an athlete is found not passing 5 classes, he/she will be ineligible to compete until his/her grades improve. Grades will be checked & the athlete remains ineligible until they are found to be passing 5 classes. Individual coaches may require an athlete to attend an athletic study hall if he/she is failing a class.

Accident Insurance

Student involved in interscholastic activities, Rally, Hi-Steppers, or other physically demanding extra-curricular activities are encouraged to carry personal medical or accidental insurance. West Albany H.S. does not insure students for injuries which occur at school.  If you do not have insurance, it is required that you sign an insurance waiver form.

West Albany Athletic Code

Students participating in athletic programs will be expected to adhere to the Athletic Code. The Code includes:

1) Refraining from the use of drugs, alcohol & tobacco

2) Maintaining proper respect for others & their property

3) Exhibiting appropriate behavior as outlined in the Student's Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

The code is administered by the coaches within each sport & the athletic coordinator. Failure to comply with the code will result in disciplinary action which could involve temporary or permanent suspension from participation.

Athletic Code (Mid-Valley Conference) Summary

The Mid-Valley Conference Athletic Code prohibits:

1) Possession or use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or performance enhancing drugs.

2) Being in the company of person(s) who possess or are using drugs, alcohol, tobacco or performance enhancing drugs. You are expected to leave the company of these person (s) within a reasonable amount of time.


1st Offense: Ineligible for 21 calendar days of competition. (Ineligibility carries over to the next sports season)

2nd Offense: Ineligible for 42 calendar days of competition. (Ineligibility carries over to the next sports season)

3rd Offense: Permanent loss of eligibility in H.S. sports

All Offenses: Referral for assessment & compliance.

- Prior to an incident or investigation, an athlete may seek help by self reporting with no penalty.

- Policy is in effect all school year, 24 hours per day.

Athletic Fees

The fee for participation in athletics is $150.00 per student per sport with a maximum of $300.00 per student per year and a maximum of $450.00 per family per year. The fee is paid to the Student Services Center. Students must remain current with payment of fees: the school will not "carry over" accumulated debt. In addition to hardship waiver by the principal, students may also request an opportunity to work or provide service to the school to pay fees. Apply with the athletic director for work service opportunities.  The application form is available, at the top of this page, under "Athletic participation forms."


A student must attend ALL classes on a day in order to be eligible to participate in a performance or contest that day. The exception is a school sponsored activity which requires the student to be away from school.

Fan Behavior

It is important for spectators to model the type of positive behaviors we are teaching our athletes. These behaviors include: showing respect for the opponent; showing respect for the officials & accepting their decisions; knowing & understanding the rules; maintaining self control; refraining from making disrespectful remarks or booing. Our athletes are learning to compete to the limits of their ability & do so within the rules and with good sportsmanship. Positive fan support is important and appreciated. However, inappropriate fan behavior will not be tolerated. Fans acting inappropriately will be asked to leave. Please demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times & encourage those around you to do the same.


To be eligible for an athletic letter award, the athlete must complete the requirements & receive the recommendation of the head coach of that sport.

Physical Examinations

All students participating in interscholastic athletics, Cheerleading, & Hi-Steppers are required to have a physical examination prior to participation of any kind or show proof of a recent examination. Take the Participation Permit form with you to the doctor's office to be completed & signed. Physical emaminations are only good for two years from the date of the examination.  In case of serious injury, clearance from your doctor may be necessary before returning to participation in interscholastic athletics.  The physical form is available, at the top of this page, under "Athletic participation forms."

Team Rules

Athletes are expected to follow all team rules as determined by the coaching staff. Failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary action which could involve temporary or permanent suspension from the team.

Fall Sports

Cross Country
Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Water Polo

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Ski Team

Spring Sports



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